New publications into priority setting in the NHS

HSMC academics have led on two new publications which have come out of HSMC/Nuffield Trust research into priority setting in the English NHS.  The first paper reports on a national survey looking at structures of PCT priority setting activities and the second reports in-depth case study work in a number of sites across the country. 

The publications

Robinson, S, Dickinson, H, Freeman, T, Rumbold, B and Williams, I, (2012) Structures and processes for priority-setting by health care funders: a national survey of primary care trusts in England, Journal of Health Services Research & Policy.

Robinson, S, Williams, I, Dickinson, H, Freeman, T and Rumbold, B (2012) 'Priority-setting and rationing in healthcare: Evidence from the English experience'. Social Science and Medicine, vol 75, issue 12, 2386-2393.

Further information

For further information about the above articles or related research, please contact Helen Dickinson,