Decommissioning research grant

Iestyn WilliamsHSMC has successfully bid for funding from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to carry out a research project entitled 'Decommissioning health care: identifying best practice through primary and secondary research'. The project will run from may 2013 to May 2016 with Professor Glenn Robert from King's College London as the main academic partner. HSMC's Iestyn Williams will be the Principal Investigator.

Although decommissioning - defined here as the planned process of removing, reducing or replacing health care services - is at the forefront of policy, it remains strikingly under-researched. This project is designed to address this important knowledge practice gap. The overall aim is to formulate evidence-informed best practice guidance to enable the effective decommissioning of health services. The research will synthesise what is already known about implementing decommissioning in health care and other public sector settings, and will establish the current range and extent of decommissioning in the NHS from the perspective of local commissioners. It will then develop understanding of how health care organisations are currently implementing decommissioning policies through a longitudinal investigation of four case studies in the English NHS.

Further information

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