Despite the difficulties the NHS is not dead yet

Professor Jon GlasbyAn article by HSMC's Jon Glasby entitled 'Despite the difficulties, the NHS is not dead yet', was recently published in 'The Conversation'.

"The NHS in 2013 is facing a series of unprecedented challenges. A rapidly ageing population is just one of a number of factors fuelling a rise in demand for services and hospitals are struggling to cope with the number of people arriving at A&E.

Despite a ringfenced budget, NHS leaders estimate we still need to save around £20 billion in order stand still – let alone improve services. Other areas, particularly in adult social care, are facing even bigger financial problems and this will also have a knock-on effect.

These pressures come at a time when the NHS is perhaps facing the biggest reorganisation in its history. Ministers can never resist a reorganisation (it gives the impression of taking a firm grip and making major change), and the health service has previously been likened to something of an “organisational shantytown”, where we hastily cobble together new structures knowing that in six months the bulldozers might just come and displace us somewhere else...."

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