Developing a compassionate organisation: An Action Learning Set Approach

Developing a compassionate organisation: An Action Learning Set Approach - 5 December 2013Recent events such as the failures at Mid Staffs and Winterbourne view have raised serious concerns about the delivery of compassionate care in the NHS. In the past, recommendations and action plans have not been the solution- as similar failings recur. This is a highly complex area with no easy fix.

However, Alistair Hewison and Yvonne Sawbridge have been actively researching potential solutions to poor nursing care and have been involved in some action research in some of the Trusts. Their work has led them to be convinced that developing a community of practice to find ways to implement support systems for staff delivering emotional labour, day in and day out, would be of huge benefit to staff and patients. They plan to co-ordinate inputs from leading edge researchers and practitioners, with a view to developing a community of practice, using facilitated action learning sets as the vehicle to support change.

The Action Learning Set will involve four one day events, held at Park House, University of Birmingham. This is aimed at individuals within an organisation who are actively planning to implement a new and different system of staff support - from Community Nurse Leaders; Ward or Directorate Managers; Medical and Nursing Directors or HR professionals. All are welcome! 

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