Partnerships for public health and well-being

A new book on Partnerships for Public Health and Well-being as been published as part of HSMC’s Interagency working in health and social care series. Edited by HSMC Director Prof. Jon Glasby, the series contains books on children’s services, disability and learning disability – with a third edition of Jon’s ‘Mental health policy and practice’ due to form the mental health contribution to the series in 2014.

Written by De Montfort’s Prof. Rob Baggott, the new book explores the collaboration that is needed between a range of agencies and sectors if health and well-being is to be improved. In contrast to more traditional and more medically-focused accounts of public health, this textbook:

  • Provides a state-of-the-art account of policies that shape partnerships in public health, examining the reality of partnership working both in the UK and at the global and international levels.
  • Explores key concepts and models of partnership working and offers a detailed and critical account of the development of partnerships: from the formation of partnerships to the problems that can occur and how to overcome them.
  • Draws extensively on examples of policy and practice, including alcohol problems, obesity and health inequalities.
  • Discusses existing partnerships in depth, moving beyond public sector collaboration to consider the role of communities, voluntary organisations and the private sector within partnerships.

The overall book series builds on HSMC’s work around partnerships, collaboration and integration and on the role of Health and Well-being Boards - for more details of this work please see here and here on the HSMC website.