Previous HSR lectures and presenters

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Annual Health Services Research Lecture

Jack Wennberg         Dealing with clinical practice variations:  breaking the cycle of professional uncertainty.

 Iain Chalmers           Efficient or just cheap?  Using information about effectiveness in managing health services.

 Richard Scheffler      Opting out.  Patients, profits and pitfalls.

Rachel Rosser            Is it too late to prevent the abuse of quality of life measurement?

Robert Brook             Does quality suffer when costs are contained?

Gavin Mooney          Is patient choice a good thing?

David Banta              Is new technology a good thing?

David Armstrong      Where is the primary:secondary interface?

John Billings             Exploring access barriers to health care.

 Ian Russell               Can it work?  Does it work?  Research designs for health technology assessment.

Robert Dingwall        Catching goldfish : quality in qualitative methods

Linda Aiken              Impact of hospital organisation on patient outcomes

Alain Enthoven         Purchasing for quality

Trevor Sheldon          It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it

Stephen Shortell        Designing health systems for improving quality of care

Bonnie Sibbald          Does it need a doctor?  Skill mix in primary care

Richard Cooper         The gender revolution in medicine: new rules for an old profession            

Graham Thornicroft  Health services research: is there anything to learn from mental health?

Angela Coulter          The autonomous patient revisited

Martin Roland            Measuring quality in primary care: past, present and future

Carol Propper             What effect might more competition have on the NHS?                         

Jon Nicholl                 What direction of travel? Reconfiguring emergency and urgent care

Peter Smith                 Does performance measurement improve the quality of care?

Niek Klazinga            Comparing apples and pears. International comparisons of quality of care

Arnie Epstein             Impact of pay for performance on quality of care

Jennifer Dixon           Predicting risk: innovations to improve health services

John McKinlay          Two conflicting constants in health care: change and resistance to change

Steven Lewis             Generalism strikes back: implications of the coming revival

Stephen Birch           Health care workforce planning: can we ever get it right?

Mary Dixon-Woods  Why is improving health care so hard and how can we do it better?

Martin Knapp           Can social care save the NHS?

Nick Black                 Relman revisited: the dawn of the era of systems & creativity

Irene Higginson       Future proofing health and social care: the role for palliative and end of life care

Victor Montori         Advancing the science for careful and kind care

Kath Checkland       Who needs to see a doctor face-to-face?