Policy Papers

Policy Paper Twenty, October 2015
'Mental health matters: improving mental health services in acute settings and understanding how innovation spreads'
Laura Griffith and Jon Glasby

Policy Paper Nineteen, September 2015
'Commissioning, Outcomes and Consortia: Ten key questions for commissioners and third sector organisation from the carers tender in Birmingham'
Robin Miller

Policy Paper, April 2015
'Inside out and upside down: Community-based approaches to social care prevention in a time of austerity'
Robin Miller and Christine Whitehead

Policy Paper Eighteen, February 2014
'Social Care for Marginalised Communities: Balancing self-organisation, micro-provision and mainstream support'
Sarah Carr

Policy Paper Seventeen - January 2014
'Is integration or fragmentation the starting point to improve prevention?'
Robin Miller

Policy Paper Sixteen - November 2013
'Doctor knows best? The use of evidence in implementing self-directed support in health care'
Jon Glasby, Vidhya Alakeson, Simon Duffy

Policy Paper Fifteen - October 2013
'Turning the welfare state upside down? Developing a new adult social care offer'
Jon Glasby, Robin Miller and Jennifer Lynch

Policy Paper Fourteen - October 2012
'It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it': embedding the NHS Constitution in front-line practice
Jon Glasby, Jo Ellins and Theresa Nelson

Policy Paper Thirteen - February 2012
'We have to stop meeting like this': what works in health and local government partnerships?
Jon Glasby

Policy Paper Twelve - December 2011 (ISBN: 9780704428874)
Time to care? Responding to concerns about poor nursing care (pdf)
Yvonne Sawbridge and Alistair Hewison

Policy Paper Eleven - April 2011
Liberating the NHS: orders of change? (pdf; 233KB; opens in new window)
Ross Millar, Iain Snelling, Hilary Brown

Policy Paper Ten - February 2011
The vanguard of integration or a lost tribe? Care trusts ten years on (pdf; 213KB; opens in new window)
Robin Miller, Helen Dickinson, Jon Glasby

Policy Paper Nine - January 2011
All in this together? Making best use of health and social care resources in an era of austerity (pdf; 171KB; opens in new window)
Jon Glasby, Helen Dickinson and Robin Miller

Policy Paper Eight - August 2010 (ISBN: 978 07044 28089)
The billion dollar question: embedding prevention in older people's services - 10 'high impact' changes (pdf; 200KB; opens in new window)
Kerry Allen and Jon Glasby

Policy Paper Seven - June 2010 (ISBN: 978 07044 28072)
GP Budget Holding: Lessons from across the pond and from the NHS (pdf; opens in new window)
Chris Ham

Policy Paper Six - January 2010 (ISBN: 978 07044 28065) Working together for health: Achievements and challenges in the Kaiser NHS Beacon Sites Programme (pdf; opens in new window; 243KB)
Chris Ham

Policy Paper Five - September 2009 (ISBN:  978 07044 28058)
Integrating Care and Transforming Community Services: What Works? Where Next? (pdf; opens in new window; 740KB)
Chris Ham and Debra de Silva

Policy Paper Four - May 2009 (ISBN: 978 07044 28041)
Supporting patients to make informed choices in primary care: what works? (pdf; 263KB; opens in new window)
Jo Ellins and Shirley McIver, in association with NHS West Midlands

Policy Paper Three - January 2010 (ISBN: 978 07044 28034)
Personalisation and the social care 'revolution': future options for the reform of public services (pdf; 174KB; opens in new window)
Simon Duffy, John Waters and Jon Glasby

Policy Paper Two - November 2008 (ISBN: 978 07044 28017)
Choice and Competition in Primary Care: Much Ado About Nothing?
Jo Ellins, Chris Ham, Helen Parker

Policy Paper One - October 2008 (ISBN: 978 07044 28010)
Individual Patient Budgets: Background and frequently asked questions
Jon Glasby, HSMC, in association with NHS West Midlands