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HSMC's research is organised around its five Areas of work. Follow the links below to find examples of our current research.

HSMC Director of Research: Iestyn Williams


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HSMC is committed to both rigour and relevance in health and social care. Although we are most well known for our policy analysis and consultancy work, everything we do is based on a solid research foundation, and it is this that makes our work distinctive. As a result, HSMC academics are constantly involved in a range of practical and more theoretical research projects - both across the UK and beyond. We then make the results of these available through our publications, designing these for a range of different audiences.

Whereas other health care academics may focus on the theoretical insights which our work offers, policy makers and NHS managers may be interested primarily in the practical implications of our research. Crucially, however, both our peer-review academic articles and our short, accessible policy papers are based on the same underlying rigorous research. In this way, our role is often one of translating our research findings into practice through our teaching, consultancy, events and policy advice.

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