What can NHS commissioning learn from commercial sector procurement and supply-chain management?


The objective of the research is to review and analyse the literature on commercial sector procurement and supply-chain management, and to extract from this key themes, lessons and case studies which may hold salience for PCT (and other health service) commissioners. In particular, the project will consider:

  • What lessons does the supply chain management literature hold regarding how commissioners might review, and to what extent they can ‘manage’, their supplier markets?
  • How does the concept of core competency relate to PCT commissioning, and what implications does supply chain management theory have when considering what competencies PCTs should retain in-house?


Allen, B. A. & Wade, E. & Dickinson, H. (2009) 'Bridging the divide – commercial procurement and supply management: are there lessons for health care commissioning in England?' Journal of Public Procurement 9(1): 505 – 534.




Elizabeth Wade, Helen Dickinson and Barb Allen


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