Membership Governance in NHS Foundation Trusts (Completed 2008)

In June 2007, the Department of Health commissioned two external organisations – Mutuo and HSMC at the University of Birmingham, to lead on an independent review on behalf of Ministers into membership governance in NHS foundations trusts (NHS FTs).

The main focus of the review centres around the experience of creating a membership, establishing a board of governors and deciding how best to use members and governors. Supporting material was obtained from Monitor, the Foundation Trust Network and the Department of Health, however, Mutuo and HSMC are alone responsible for the draft.

The review is intended to be an easy to read study into membership governance, setting out the origins of NHS FTs, the review’s findings and a number of conclusions.


Full Report: 'Membership Governance in NHS Foundation Trusts: A Review for the Department of Health' (PDF)

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Date: 2007-2008
Researcher: Chris Ham
Funder: Department of Health

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