Talent Management project

In collaboration with the Universities of London and Surrey, HSMC will undertake a two year research project beginning in March 2009 into Talent Management in the NHS.

The research will critically examine the impact of talent management approaches to an effective NHS managerial workforce. The project will consider the career trajectories of four managerial cohorts, examining the facilitators and barriers to talented individuals achieving their potential.  It will also evaluate the impact on individuals of different Talent Management (TM (post-2004)) and earlier 'managing talent' (mt (pre-2004)) schemes.  Formal TM is fairly new in the NHS, and there is limited evidence of the effectiveness of earlier mt initiatives.

The research team includes Martin Powell (HSMC), Joan Durose (HSMC), Chris Fewtrell (HSMC), Joanne Duberly (Birmingham University Business School), Mark Exworthy (Royal Holloway, University of London), Fraser Macfarlane (University of Surrey).

Further information

Martin Powell
Email: m.powell@bham.ac.uk


Download the full report: 'Talent management in the NHS managerial workforce' from the NIHR website




Martin Powell, Joan Durose, Chris Fewtrell, Joanne Duberly, Mark Exworthy and Fraser Macfarlane


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