Evaluation of whole system demonstrators (Completed 2010)

Chris Ham has been appointed by the Department of Health to coordinate the evaluation of the whole system demonstrators that have been established to pilot the use of telehealth and telecare interventions to support people with long term conditions. The evaluation itself is being undertaken by a team of researchers led by Stan Newman at University College London. The demonstrators are based in Cornwall, Newham and Kent and will test the use of various forms of telehealth and telecare through a pragmatic randomised controlled trial design.


The aim of the evaluation is to assess the impact of these interventions on patients and the utilisation of health and social care services.

Recruitment of patients into the trial began in April 2008 and the evaluation will extend over two years. Chris Ham is working with the researchers, NHS and social care staff in the three demonstrators, and the Department of Health to ensure effective coordination of the programme.


For subsequent results, see, for example, http://www.bmj.com/content/344/bmj.e3874

Date: 2008-2010
Researcher: Chris Ham