Time to Care: Evaluating a model of emotional support for nurses working on acute wards in hospital

This research project is examining the feasibility of implementing a support system , based on the Samaritans’ model for their volunteers, into a busy ward environment for nurses. It is now nearing the end of the 12 months funding and is at the stage of collecting data through interviews, and surveys, and compiling a report of findings. The three sites are all working to different timescales and so the report will not be published until early spring 2014.




Sawbridge, Y. and Hewison, A. (2014) Time to care? Report of an action research project to examine the feasibility of introducing the Samaritans’ volunteer support system in acute NHS hospital wards. University of Birmingham

Sawbridge Y and Hewison A (2013) Thinking about the emotional labour of nursing -supporting nurses to care. Journal of Health Organization and Management 27 (1), 127-133. 

Hewison A and Sawbridge Y (2012) Nursing Leaders need backing and support to reclaim care. Nursing Times 108 (7), 7.

Sawbridge Y and Hewison A (2012) Taking action on poor practice. Nursing Standard 26 (30), 62-63.  


NHS-West Mercia PCT Cluster (since disbanded). Sue Doheny is the sponsor.

Yvonne SawbridgeResearcher(s)

Yvonne Sawbridge, Alistair Hewison


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