Evaluation of cancer surgery services in the UK

CRUK have commissioned HSMC to evaluate the organisation and management of cancer surgery services across the UK, in order to understand the key issues and challenges facing those delivering surgical services.

The study will also assess how the UK compares with international counterparts.
The evaluation will comprise of three main elements: 

  • Reviewing and synthesising relevant published literature and evidence, with a consideration of international comparisons.
  • Qualitative interviews with key stakeholders at a national and local level.
  • Mixed methods survey with key national and international stakeholders.


Brown, H., Ellins, J., Jackson, O., Gale, N., Sawbridge, Y. and Morton, D. (2014) An evaluation of cancer surgery services in the UK. A report for Cancer Research UK by the Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham, and ICF – GHK consulting, February 2014.


March 2013 - September 2013




Hilary Brown, Nicola Gale, Yvonne Sawbridge (in collaboration with GHK Consulting)


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