Prevention Services and the Third Sector

What do Third Sector Organisations (TSOs) view as the most effective prevention interventions and what evidence is this based upon?

HSMC completed recently, research regarding social care prevention services. This identified that there was a degree of consistency between the participating authorities with reablement, information and advice, and telecare services being commonly represented within the 'Top 3' prevention interventions, anddecisions to invest in these services being based on a mixture of national guidance, local experience (often through pilots) and the perspectives of senior leaders about what worked. However, there was variation in the way in which these services were delivered, other prevention interventions which were seen as promising, and the approach to setting and monitoring delivery of outcomes.

On the whole local evidence on effectiveness of these interventions was not gathered in a structured and comprehensive manner, and comparison between authorities and with data gathered through previous research was difficult to achieve.

HSMC have been awarded an extension project to this research which will complement the original findings through:

  • Exploring the views of TSOs regarding the most effective prevention interventions for older people and the evidence on which this is based.
  • Identifying what services they provide in relation to prevention, how these are funded and why they have chosen to deliver these services.
  • Clarifying the TSOs approaches to setting outcomes and gathering data to evaluate if these outcomes have been achieved.
  • (Where possible) gathering data regarding the impact of their interventions.
  • Discussing the predicted and possible role of TSOs in relation to prevention and what will support or prevent them achieving their potential impact.


January 2013 - April 2013


Robin Miller, Kerry Allen and Catherine Mangan.


Accessible summary for NIHR Journal Article.




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