Chronic disease and integrated care

Finding new, sustainable and cost-effective ways of supporting people with long-term conditions is increasingly being recognised as the next big challenge for health and adult social care. Many people with long-term conditions have complex needs because they have more than one condition and need services across hospitals, general practice, community services and social care. However, many people’s experience is that care is fragmented across different services, resulting in poor outcomes and a poor use of scarce resources.

NIHR’s £10million investment is complemented by £20 million matched funding from local health and social services to continue evaluating and developing healthcare over the next five years.

Other CLAHRC themes include: 

  • Health for Mothers and Children
  • Mental Health
  • The Prevention of Disease

CLAHRC West Midlands is hosted by University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) with the Universities of Birmingham, Warwick and Keele as academic partners. It builds on the success of a pilot CLAHRC Birmingham and Black Country (BBC) but expands its geographic footprint across the region to deliver benefits to even more healthcare organisations and their patients.

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  • Jon Glasby, Professor of Health and Social Care and Director of Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham and Theme Lead
  • Dr Gill Combes, Deputy Theme Lead
  • Professor Christian Mallen, Professor of General Practice, Keele University


This theme builds on the work of the pilot CLAHRC which evaluated improvements in care for a number of individual long-term conditions, including stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. We have two priorities:

  • To evaluate new ways of delivering integrated care to people with multiple long-term conditions - study 1 involves a series of case studies of new services across health and social care organisations in the West Midlands. 
  • To evaluate new ways of improving patient well-being - study 2 looks at the primary care management of musculoskeletal pain and mental health for patients with long-term conditions, while study 3 looks at how clinical skills can be improved in order to promote emotional and psychological well-being for patients. National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and matched with funds provided by local health and social services.


National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and matched with funds provided by local health and social services.