Integrated Care and Support Pioneers Programme Evaluation

The longer term evaluation of the Integration Care and Support Pioneers programme is being undertaken by an evaluation team including Professor Judith Smith and Dr Robin Miller from HSMC.

Led by the Policy Innovation Research Unit (PIRU), the evaluation has three areas of enquiry:

  • Work package 1 aims, through interviews and short web surveys, to understand Pioneers’ experiences and progress of making integration-related changes, and, using routine data sources, to examine over time changes in key indicators of care co-ordination between Pioneers and other parts of the country.
  • Work package 2 will seek to determine the cost-effectiveness of specific integration initiatives within and across Pioneers. The specific initiatives/schemes to be evaluated will be chosen in consultation with the Pioneers, and other partners.
  • Work package 3 aims to synthesise learning derived from the Pioneers, feeding this back into the research process, and thus ensuring effective collaboration and shared learning between researchers and those leading the Pioneers.

More information on the longer term evaluation.


July 2015 - June 2020


Professor Judith Smith is leading from HSMC.


The longer term evaluation will be producing interim reports and emerging findings through the website.


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