Partnering for improvement

The CQC, TDA and have introduced a ‘special measures’ programme for those NHS and Foundation Trusts who have serious quality, safety and efficiency failures.

These ‘special measures’ trusts must cooperate with a number of interventions including accepting support from a ‘buddy’, undergoing a ‘transaction’ with another organisation (e.g. being ‘acquired’ by a stronger organisation or developing a new entity through merging), joint ventures and federations and other more informal quality improvement collaborations between trusts.

This evaluation aims to further understand what can be learned from other contexts regarding inter-organisational partnerships in their facilitation of quality improvement and to guide development of policy and practice in this area. In addition, it also aims to document and characterise types of partnerships across NHS providers.


December 2015 - September 2017


Robin Miller, Dr Ross Millar and Professor Russell Mannion


  • Presentation to NHS Confederation
  • Report for health foundation
  • Academic journal article


Health Foundation