An evaluation of new models of care in Sandwell and West Birmingham

The Health Services Management Centre (HSMC), in collaboration with The Nuffield Trust, has been commissioned to evaluate a new model of integrated out-of-hospital care being implemented in Sandwell and West Birmingham. 

The Connected Care programme is a multi-speciality community provider (MCP) vanguard in NHS England’s New Models of Care Programme. It is led by The Modality Partnership and builds on work which Modality has been undertaking since 2009 to develop at scale general practice in the local area. Connected Care is aiming to develop and implement a full population health model that is “underpinned by a 24/7 Single Point of Access, a broader range of home-based and community alternatives to the hospital, and engaging and empowering our population to manage their care with confidence.”

The programme is comprised of several component projects and workstreams, with a focus that spans from initiatives targeting population wellbeing and community resilience, through to those which address the interface between community-based and acute services. At the heart of the model is an enhanced and extended general practice service, alongside which the programme is formalising arrangements for multi-disciplinary teamworking to support people with the most complex health needs. 

HSMC and the Nuffield Trust have been commissioned to evaluate the design, implementation and early outcomes of the vanguard. The evaluation will run until March 2018, and is taking a theory-based and mixed methods approach, with a strong emphasis on drawing out formative lessons to support ongoing programme development. It will also include an in-depth assessment of the programme’s economic impact.


December 2016 to March 2018.


Professor Judith Smith (Principal Investigator), Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham
Dr Jo Ellins, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham
Dr Robin Miller, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham
Laura Griffith, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham
Hilary Brown, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham
Dr Rebecca Rosen, the Nuffield Trust 
Professor John Appleby, the Nuffield Trust


The Modality Partnership/NHS England.