Events in the Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology

Understanding the unintended consequences of prevention policies

Room 1150 Muirhead, University of Birmingham
In this talk, Dr Kathryn Oliver will discuss some examples of harms caused by policies, and possible responses policy and research communities could make.

Necrotecture: Lifeless dwellings and London's super-rich.

Room 1150 Muirhead, University of Birmingham
Professor Rowland Atkinson will be discussing the role of the rich in damaging and denuding the social landscapes of the cities they congregate in.

Local responses to Syrian Refugees in Turkey: A multi-level governance approach

Room 1150 Muirhead
IRIS Seminar with speakers Professor Vivien Lowndes from the University of Birmingham and Professor Rabia Polat from IŞIK University
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12th December - In-work poverty in the UK: Trends, tax credits and transitions

5th December - Successful Societies: Decision-Making and the Quality of Attentiveness

14th November - Complex Policymaking in 21st Century Politics

7th November - Housing and wellbeing: what we know so far

7th November - Supporting refugee survivors of sexual and gender-based violence

7th November - Invisible Rules: Social Mobility, Low Income and the Role of Further and Higher Education

7th November - Crisis, what crisis? Meanings of a mental health crisis

7th November - Funding Public Services: postcode lotteries or local responsibilities?

7th November - Sex, Gender and the Politics of #MeToo Culture

31st October - Masculinism, Hetero-Paternalism and Australian settler backlash culture

17th October - Lunchtime Seminar series – Migration and Asylum research

13th-14th September - International Conference on LGBTQ Inclusion in Higher Education

18th July - Low wealth in rich countries: Exploring cross-national variation at the lower tail of the wealth distribution

5th July - School of Social Policy graduation ceremony

26th June - CHASM Annual Conference 2018

18th-19th June - IRiS International Conference 2018: Racial Displacements: Peripheries, Camps, Resistance

22nd May - Family, Race, Resources: understanding the assets & challenges for BME parents

2nd May - Charitable food provision as an 'emergency' response: where do we go from here?

25th April - Resituating Goffman: From Stigma Power to Black Power

28th-29th March - Communication in the Multilingual City

7th March - Brexit Seminar Series: EU families and 'Eurochildren' in Brexiting Britain

7th February - Brexit Seminar Series: Beyond Brexit Britain: Older British migrants in Spain

24th January - Welfare Mixes and Financial Outcomes of Young People at University: a comparison of student lives in England, Italy and Sweden

19th January - Toxic Inequality in the United States: Economic Equality and racial injustice driving ugly politics

10th January - Brexit Seminar Series: What next? Where next? Post-Brexit fears among secondary migrant Somali Muslims in Birmingham