Events in the Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology

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12th December - In-work poverty in the UK: Trends, tax credits and transitions

5th December - Successful Societies: Decision-Making and the Quality of Attentiveness

14th November - Complex Policymaking in 21st Century Politics

7th November - Housing and wellbeing: what we know so far

7th November - Invisible Rules: Social Mobility, Low Income and the Role of Further and Higher Education

7th November - Supporting refugee survivors of sexual and gender-based violence

7th November - Crisis, what crisis? Meanings of a mental health crisis

7th November - Funding Public Services: postcode lotteries or local responsibilities?

7th November - Sex, Gender and the Politics of #MeToo Culture

31st October - Masculinism, Hetero-Paternalism and Australian settler backlash culture

17th October - Lunchtime Seminar series – Migration and Asylum research

13th-14th September - International Conference on LGBTQ Inclusion in Higher Education

18th July - Low wealth in rich countries: Exploring cross-national variation at the lower tail of the wealth distribution

5th July - School of Social Policy graduation ceremony

26th June - CHASM Annual Conference 2018

18th-19th June - IRiS International Conference 2018: Racial Displacements: Peripheries, Camps, Resistance

22nd May - Family, Race, Resources: understanding the assets & challenges for BME parents

2nd May - Charitable food provision as an 'emergency' response: where do we go from here?

25th April - Resituating Goffman: From Stigma Power to Black Power

28th-29th March - Communication in the Multilingual City

7th March - Brexit Seminar Series: EU families and 'Eurochildren' in Brexiting Britain

7th February - Brexit Seminar Series: Beyond Brexit Britain: Older British migrants in Spain

24th January - Welfare Mixes and Financial Outcomes of Young People at University: a comparison of student lives in England, Italy and Sweden

19th January - Toxic Inequality in the United States: Economic Equality and racial injustice driving ugly politics

10th January - Brexit Seminar Series: What next? Where next? Post-Brexit fears among secondary migrant Somali Muslims in Birmingham