IASS Academics Showcase New Approaches to Using Social Media for Research, Teaching and Learning

Social media event, IASSOn Friday 19th April, two IASS academics – Tarsem Singh Cooner and Chris Allen - facilitated a Higher Education Academy (HEA) at the University of Birmingham titled, 'Changing the Learning Landscape - Practical uses of social media in social work and social policy teaching and research'.

Bringing together around 40 participants from different universities and practical settings who were involved in teaching, research or directly managing degree programmes in social work and social policy, the event provided them with an opportunity to find out more about the role social media can play in enhancing the student and tutor experiences. Comprising two workshops – the first on research and dissemination, the second on teaching and learning - participants engaged in a series of practical hands-on activities and discussions as a means of introducing them to a range of new and innovative social media approaches and methods. In doing so participants explored the use of Storify in their research and dissemination as also closed Facebook groups for teaching and learning.

After the event, IASS's Tarsem Singh Cooner said:

"There was a really vibrant feel to the day, the participants really enjoyed being challenged in the workshops to use social media to develop teaching and research approaches they could take away and use. The day went well because of the high level of interaction the participants had to engage in. Adopting a team based, hands-on approach to the activities, meant people went away with real experiences they could tailor for their specific needs."

Chris Allen, "The way in which we communicate and engage with each other is changing so quickly that it's difficult at times to try and keep up. This event gave us an opportunity to not only look at these changes, but to more importantly highlight and share some of the wonderful opportunities social media provides for developing our research and teaching practices."

During the event, participants were encouraged to use social media to communicate with each other, with the facilitators and also with those who could not attend. If interested, you can see the lively exchanges by searching #cLL1213 on Twitter.

More information

Social media event, IASSIn the near future, Tarsem and Chris will be using social media to share the learning from the event to a much wider audience.

You can find out more about the HEA’s “Changing the Learning Landscape” programme here: