Language and Superdiversity: exploring corpus approaches

This short series of seminars explores the possible synergies between corpus linguistics and superdiversity. The events are aimed primarily at corpus linguists interested in the implications of superdiversity for their work, and superdiversity scholars interested in learning about a potential new tool for exploring superdiverse contexts, although all are welcome!

Seminar 1: Professor Christian Mair, Universitat Freiburg
'From Nigeria and the Bahamas but...currently living in Belgium: The superdiversification of Global English'
Thursday 18 June 2015 (2.00 - 5.00 pm)

Seminar 2: Dr Rachelle Vessey, University of Newcastle
'From mulgilingualism to superdiversity in corpus linguistics: implications for research'
Tuesday 30 June 2015 (2.00 - 5.00 pm)

Those interested in attending either of these seminars should contact Caroline Tagg,