College of Social Science and IRiS Distinguished Lecture: Charles Gallagher, Fulbright Scholar

G15 - Muirhead Lecture Theatre
Lectures Talks and Workshops, Social Sciences
Tuesday 1st November 2016 (17:00-19:00)
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Ann Bolstridge


'Taking our Country Back': Racism, Xenophobia and Donald Trump's Place in Context

Charles A Gallagher, a Fulbright Scholar from IRiS and Professor of Sociology and Chair, Department of Criminal Justice, La Salle University in the United States, delivered this Distinguished Lecture at the University of Birmingham in November.


Donald Trump selection as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee has shocked millions. His racist, xenophobic and nationalist appeals have both horrified and electrified the electorate.

There is however a long standing history of race baiting and the use of xenophobic appeals to mostly white voters by politicians. How has Trump used stereotypes, misinformation and anxieties about immigration to make him a serious contender for the US Presidency? How are seemingly racist appeals to primarily white voters possible in an era of post-race, colorblind politics?

The lecture will be followed by a wine reception.