IRiS Key Concepts Roundtable on 'Planning for Superdiversity: opportunities and challenges?'

Room 429 Muirhead Tower, University of Birmingham
Lectures Talks and Workshops, Research, Social Sciences
Tuesday 22nd November 2016 (15:00-16:30)
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Ann Bolstridge

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The roundtable will bring together a small group of leading scholars in this field to start a conversation about the implications of, and interrelationships between, superdiversity and planning from a critical perspective.

It will address some of the following questions and issues: Has the way we think about urban planning changed with the emergence of superdiversity? How might a superdiversity lens help us to address urban planning issues in contemporary society? Are new forms of spatialisation and/or segregation emerging in the context of superdiversity? How can a planning perspective help us to understand superdiversity?

Speakers include:

  • Yasminah Beebeejaun, University College London
  • Stacy Harwood, University of Illinois
  • Simon Pemberton, Keele University
  • Cecilia Wong, University of Manchester
  • Clare Rishbeth, University of Sheffield

The speakers will provide critical reflection on conceptual issues before an open discussion.  If you would like to attend this roundtable, please register online here.