Charitable food provision as an emergency response: sharing evidence from Canada, the USA and the UK

In the past five years in the UK, we have seen a steep rise in the number of people seeking emergency food aid in the form of charitable provision, signalling permanence to the existence of food banks.

In Canada and the USA, there is a much longer history of charitable food provision. There is an urgent need to engage with what can be learnt from the transatlantic context here in the UK, and vice versa.

This programme includes an interactive workshop which will bring together international early career (ECR) and senior researchers, charities, front-line workers, media, those experiencing food poverty and insecurity, and grassroots organisations. A specific mentoring scheme for ECRs is built into the workshop. This two day event will foster a new network of early-career scholars, whilst establishing innovative understandings of the relationship between the institutionalisation of charitable food aid within different contexts, to take the agenda forward.

Principal investigator: Dr Kayleigh Garthwaite