Social Care and Adult Well-Being - including Older People and the arena of Disability

The Department is at the forefront of different ways of theorising and working in this multifaceted arena. There is a strong emphasis on working with people to achieve what they want by focusing on individual, family and community assets and on imaginative, creative and viable ways forward. The Department works closely with Local Authorities and people in communities to change around deficit orientated practices and to make a positive difference in people's lives.


2021-2023 - Why are we stuck in hospital? Understanding service user, family and staff perspectives when transforming care for people with learning disabilities and/or autism
Co-Investigators: Professor Jon Glasby, Professor Robin Miller, Anne-Marie Glasby

2019-2022 - Combining Asset and Strengths Based Innovations in adult social care (CASBI). Principal Investigator: Jerry Tew, Co-Investigators: Robin Miller, Sandhya Duggal, Phil Kinghorn

2017-20: Older People: care and self-funding experiences’ a research collaboration between Universities of Brighton, Birmingham and Lincoln, funded by Wellcome Trust. Principal Investigator: Denise Tanner

2016-19: Implementing the Care Act 2014: Preventing, reducing or delaying needs for care and support in adult social care in England, Department of Health Policy Research Programme (£500K). Principal Investigator: Jerry Tew, Co-Investigator: Denise Tanner.

2014-19: Chronic disease (integrated and holistic care)

2014-17: Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards – Implications for Practice, funded by NHS England and CWHHE CCG Collaborative (£225,000) Principal Investigator: Jason Schaub.

2013-14: Clinical Research Group on Mental Wellbeing, Public Mental Health and Recovery.  National Institute of Health Research - Mental Health Research Network. £5k. with University of Warwick.  

2011-14: Can whole family approaches contribute to the reablement of people with mental health difficulties? National Institute of Health Research - School for Social Care Research (£170k).


Dr Denise Tanner

Dr Denise Tanner

Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Department of Social Work and Social Care

Denise Tanner is a Senior Lecturer on BA and MA Social Work courses.  Her areas of teaching and research interest include adult social work/social care policy and practice; social work with older people; social work skills; social perspectives of mental distress; and service user involvement in education and research. She has lead responsibility for Postgraduate Research students in the ...

+44(0)121 414 2941


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