International Exchange Project

The International Exchange Project with Rotterdam School of Social Work, involved students and academics, as well as service user and carer colleagues from the social work programmes at the University of Birmingham.

The aim of the project was to share ideas and examples of innovative practice through a series of lectures, city walks and talks, visits to day centres and service user led services, and through social networking. The purpose of travelling overseas was manyfold:

  • It allowed us to compare and contrast UK policies and practices with those employed in another country, thus enabling us to more competently evaluate our own approach to the social work task.
  • It offered an opportunity for creating networks for support and enquiry.
  • It provided a space for service user and carer colleagues to come together with social work students and academics as we travelled across national and intellectual boundaries.

We hope that by sharing this video diary we might encourage further dialogue on the international dimensions of social work and the role service user and carer colleagues can play in pushing forward the frontiers of social work knowledge and understanding.

For further information please contact:

Dawn River
Tel: +44(0)121 414 2936

Surinder Guru
Tel:  +44(0)121 415 8481