Reflective Management Practice (Graduate Diploma)

Flexible Programmes providing academic credits at Graduate and Undergraduate levels for leaders and managers working in all areas of Social Care and Health.

The Diploma in Reflective Management Practice and the Undergraduate Certificate in Higher Education - Reflective Management Practice, reflect six 20 credit modules which address differing but connected aspects of social work and social care leadership and management themes.

Fred Clements "'The manager's modules that I completed at Birmingham University have definitely influenced me and changed me as a manager and a leader.  The diploma content was truly excellent, informative and inspiring.  The diploma content enabled me to understand more about all aspects of management including, organisational change, diversity, coaching and managing performance.  The lecturers on the diploma were all very experienced and supportive during my time at the University.  Overall, I would strongly recommend the diploma to any manager"

The programmes

The Reflective Management Practice programmes are modular in nature and each module can be undertaken in a stand-alone capacity.  In combination, the modules form:

  • 3 modules - a 60 (H) Credit Graduate Certificate in Reflective Management Practice, or at Undergraduate level, a University Certificate - Reflective Management Practice.
  • 6 modules - a 120 (H) Credit Graduate Diploma in Reflective Management Practice.
  • At Undergraduate level - a 60 Credit (I) level Certificate in Higher Education - Reflective Management Practice.


  • Managing Diversity
  • Leading for Quality Assurance - Supervision Skills for Performance Management
  • Developing Organisations and Organisational Change
  • Creating and Maintaining Partnerships
  • Reflective Practice for Managers
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Managers

The modules can be undertaken in any order, or can be undertaken as stand alone 20 credit modules.