Service user and carer involvement

Service User and Carer Involvement is an integral and highly valued part of Social Work Education at the University of Birmingham, and is part of our undergraduate, masters and post qualifying training.



Service Users and Carers with a wide variety of experience are involved in many elements of social work education including admissions, direct teaching, assessment and development of teaching material. We are proud to work with a wide range of contributors who are able to use their experiences to improve communication, understanding and services.

"It is Birmingham's focus on service user involvement that attracted me to this particular course. Service users should be involved in shaping the services that they need. Service user involvement in delivering this course will produce social workers who will be more effective in their practice."

Examples of current service user and carer activities

Survivor Arts Project

The Survivor Arts Project at the University of Birmingham began in 2006. It was inspired by a conversation with a service user, who spoke enthusiastically about an art class he was attending. He felt the art, as well as the friendships developed through it, had helped save his life. He wanted social workers to understand this. He also wanted people generally to recognise the creativity that is often hidden within. More information...

Further reading

Tew, J, Holley, T and Caplen, P (2012) Dialogue and Challenge: Involving Service Users and Carers in Small Group Learning with Social Work and Nursing Students, Social Work Education: The International Journal

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If you would like any further details about service user and carer involvement for the social work programmes at the Department of Social Policy and Social Work, please contact:

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Service User and Carer Coordinator
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