Survivor Arts project

Recovery through the Arts Workshops have been running alongside the Survivor Arts Exhibitions at the Department of Social Policy and Social Work since 2006.

This short film of the early days of the Survivor Arts Project was created by Dawn River, in association with Suretech, a mental health service user led film group, based originally within the Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Mental Health (CEIMH).

The Survivor Arts Project at the University of Birmingham began in 2006. Its intention was to provide a space where survivors' (felt to be a more empowering term than 'service users') perspectives could be communicated through the arts.

Through collaborative work with survivor artists and poets, this project has grown to include a Survivor Arts Exhibition, a performance art space, a series of Recovery through the Arts Workshops, a journal article writing group and an annual open day. Whilst the Open Day has created an opportunity for the university to develop closer links with the wider community, the project as a whole has served as a vehicle for community involvement and development - survivor artists and poets contribute to teaching on the social work programmes alongside developing networks and community projects which provide creative opportunities for other survivors.

At its pedagogical core, the Survivor Arts Project has facilitated more creative approaches to teaching and learning and has been an important resource for academic, professional and service user research.

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