The Chain: How inequality works

University of Birmingham
Lectures Talks and Workshops, Social Sciences
Wednesday 16th November 2016 (16:00-17:30)
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Speacker: Professor John Hills

Charles Booth’s famous maps of poverty and affluence in London in 1899 showed sharp gradations across the capital. Today pressures of rising house prices and rents, combined with the effects of ‘welfare’ cuts are pushing people with low – and not so low – incomes to the margin, or over it. Indicators of housing stress abound. But is the problem simply one of a housing shortage, failing to keep up with the rising population of the capital?  Or is rising affluence at the top connected to the experiences of those at the bottom?  Drawing inspiration from Jack Rosenthal and Jack Gold’s famous 1980s TV film, The Chain, this lecture will trace some of the ways in which rising inequalities in income and wealth and the policies associated with them are driving the housing crisis for those at the margins.

Social Policy Subject Group Research Seminar Series.

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