School holds seminar on the Politics and Policy of Wellbeing

Winterbourne House and Garden

The School of Social Policy recently played host to Professor David Taylor from the University of Brighton who delivered a seminar entitled: Happiness is not enough: the Politics and Policy of Wellbeing.

David Taylor was invited by the School's Welfare Futures Research Group to present on the politics and policy of wellbeing; he delivered his seminar presentation to colleagues from across the school and more widely from the College of Social Sciences. In discussing the ways in which wellbeing is used in policy debate, David considered how it is often used as an outcome (such as 'happiness') rather than a process (which happens within social and personal relationships).

After his presentation, discussion was begun by questions from attendees (staff and doctoral researchers) and the conversations continued over refreshments!

Questions on 'The use of psychology in policy' (and whether psychosocial approaches could be used negatively by the state), 'How policy analysis in relation to wellbeing can contribute to welfare focused policy debate', and 'How relationships are being conceived of within more psychosocial approaches in social policy' all formed part of the discussion.

Further information

Dr Harriet Clarke, who chaired the seminar, invited expressions of interest from colleagues who may wish to be involved in developing a local network around welfare policy and psychology, or who wish to hear about or contribute to similar future events. If you are interested in involvement with this initiative, then please contact Dr Harriet Clarke,