Inquiry into Schizophrenia

Ann DavisAnn Davis, Emeritus Professor of Social Work and Mental Health is a member of the expert panel conducting an independent Inquiry into the 'Schizophrenia' Label. The Inquiry was launched on 16 April 2012 to:

  • Look into the usefulness of 'schizophrenia' as a diagnosis and medical condition.
  • Investigate the impact this diagnosis has on people's lives.

The panel will examine evidence from people who have been affected by the label of 'schizophrenia' (or similar labels such as 'psychosis'), including:

  • Those who use or have used mental health services
  • Their families/friends/carers
  • Those (including professionals) who use these labels to describe mental health problems in other people
  • Those who have concerns about the use of such labels

The panel will produce a report based on this evidence which will be forwarded in the autumn to a range of organisations including The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), the Royal College of Psychiatrists, other professional and statutory bodies, private and third sector organisations, and the Department of Health.

For more information go to the Inquiry into the 'Schizophrenia' Label website.