Francesco Minora - TSRC visiting fellow

Francesco Minora is visiting TSRC for the next six weeks to work with Professor David Mullins on community-based housing initiatives in England. This includes:

  • Housing co-operatives
  • Tenant management organisations
  • Community-based housing associations
  • Self-help housing organisations
  • Community land trusts
  • Asset transfers
  • Housing based social enterprises

Francesco is based at EURICISE, the European Research Institute on Co-operative and Social Enterprises at the University of Trento, Italy. He is undertaking a three-year comparative project involving work in Italy, England and at least one other site. The focus of his study will be to explore locally based examples of self-organised action in housing in relation to a framework he has developed on 'habitability' based on theory of the commons. He has defined habitability as the outcome of the interaction between people and the places where they live and wishes to undertake some intensive local case studies.