Third Sector Research Centre calls for dialogue on the sector's future

TSRC is hosting the Third Sector Futures Dialogues between September 2012 and April 2013. The dialogues are based on issues raised by their research. The purpose of the dialogues is to stimulate discussion from sector-wide stakeholders on the future of the third sector.

The Centre has launched a new website to host the dialogues. The first dialogue - The worst of times? - is now live.

TSRC will publish a discussion paper for each dialogue based on their research findings. Papers will offer a 'big picture' of the issues based on TSRC's research evidence. The papers will be published online and stakeholders are invited to comment and contribute to debate.

TSRC will be holding live online discussions on the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network, and regular seminars in London.

Sounding Board of voluntary, community and policy representatives will meet to discuss research findings and comments from stakeholders. The outcomes of these meetings will also be available online and people are invited to offer feedback.

A final report will be published and launched on 19 April 2013 at a TSRC conference hosted by the British Library.

For details of all the dialogues and how to get involved see

Further information

For more information and advance copies of the discussion paper, please contact:
Naomi Landau
Knowledge Exchange Team