A new global forum for Migration Studies

IRiS academic and Birmingham Fellow Dr Nando Sigona is one of the founding editors of the new journal Migration Studies launched today. The journal is published by Oxford University Press. The first issue covers a range of issues, including reconceptualising the forced-voluntary migration nexus (Long), the impact of income and immigration policies on international migration (Ortega and Peri), cosmopolitan theories and practices in a global city such as Singapore (Yeoh), entrepreneurship and transnationalism in development settings (Portes and Yiu),  and the methodological challenges of researching migration (Bloemraad).

The articles are freely available online at http://migration.oxfordjournals.org/content/current

Migration Studies is an international refereed journal dedicated to advancing scholarly understanding of the determinants, processes and outcomes of human migration in all its manifestations, and gives priority to work presenting methodological, comparative or theoretical advances. The journal is first and foremost a forum for high quality scholarship, but it is committed making academic work intelligible and relevant to a readership including experts in policy and practice beyond the academy, and in this respect draws on the expertise of several senior officials from international organizations that deal with migration. Dr Sigona, who joined the University of Birmingham in February 2013, is the Associate Editor for Sociology and Anthropology.