Illegality, youth and belonging: international symposium jointly convened by Dr Nando Sigona (IRiS, University of Birmingham) and Prof Roberto G. Gonzales (Graduate School of Education, University of Harvard)

The symposium will be held at the University of Harvard on 25-26 October 2013. It will explore the confusing and contradictory experiences of belonging and illegality that frame the everyday lives of undocumented immigrant youth. Although the protection of children is seen as a valence issue worldwide, national governments face the growing challenge of how to best provide for children’s well-being, given the political popularity of strong enforcement stances and stringent immigration policies against undocumented immigration. This tension has produced a broad range of state responses, with implications for local communities, services, and protections. Moreover, resulting from the uneven impact of the current global economic crisis, a new geography of migration is emerging, both in terms of new immigration destinations and of changing systems of governance of in- and out- flows of population. Little is known about whether and how social and political membership is changing in association with these processes. The symposium is part of the Legal Status, Rights and Belonging series jointly convened by Prof Roberto G. Gonzales and Dr Nando Sigona. The first symposium in the series Within and beyond citizenship: lived experiences of contemporary membership was held at the University of Oxford on 11-12 April 2013. To find out more about Legal status, rights and belonging series: