Election Perspective 2015: Shaping the debate

As the 2015 General Election approaches, academics at the University of Birmingham are contributing to the debates that will help the public decide where their vote should go in what promises to be one of the closest elections in decades. Find an academic expert and watch them speak about some of the key issues on which the General Election 2015 will be decided.

Health experts

Catherine Needham, Senior LecturerDr Catherine Needham, Reader in Public Policy and Public Management, "As elections approach, voters start to home in on the issues that are important to them, which is when health comes to the top of the agenda. Health is seeing a high level of public interest at the moment because of the A&E crisis, which has been particularly significant this year because we haven't had a bad winter, yet we're hearing a lot of stories about the NHS being at breaking point, and people are worried."

Immigration experts 

Jenny PhillimoreProfessor Jenny Phillimore, Professor of Migration and Superdiversity, "The public aren't particularly well-informed about immigration because they tend to believe what they hear in soundbites from politicians, and unfortunately that doesn't generally reflect accurately on the real situation. Work by opinion polls has shown that the public massively overestimates the number of immigrants in the UK, and underestimates the positive impact of migration on the economy and on the health service."

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