CHASM new Director

Karen Rowlingson, Director of the Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM) since its launch in 2010, has taken up a substantial new role at the University of Birmingham as the Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer for the College of Social Sciences.  While we offer her our congratulations on this appointment, it means that she is unable to continue in the role as the Director of CHASM.

Karen will thankfully continue with an active leadership role in the Centre and has stepped into the Deputy Director role. She has been replaced as Director by Andy Lymer, Professor of Accounting and Taxation, CHASM’s previous Deputy Director. 

This change in leadership was discussed at CHASM’s recent annual advisory board meeting along with a comprehensive review of CHASM’s mission. It was confirmed at that meeting that despite this swap around in role, CHASM would very much continue its current direction, building on its success over the past five years. Further details of our plans for the next five years will be forthcoming in our next bulletin.

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