Gold award for NHS Leadership programmes

The NHS Leadership Academy, working as part of a consortium led by KPMG and including the University of Birmingham, Alliance Manchester Business School, Leo Learning, Cumberledge Eden & Partners, and others, has been named Gold winners in this year's European Foundation for Management Development Excellence in Practice Awards.

EFMD is the largest international network association in the field of management development and includes over 800 institutional members from academia, business, public service and consultancy across 80 countries worldwide. Its Excellence in Practice Awards recognise outstanding case studies describing an effective and impactful leadership and development intervention between partner organisations.

The team were honoured for the co-design and delivery of two of healthcare's largest ever professional leadership development programmes. The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme is a Masters degree course for mid-level leaders aspiring to a senior role; and the Nye Bevan programme is for senior leaders preparing for executive and Board level roles. These programmes have already seen over 3000 NHS staff take part.

Across both programmes the consortium has created a unique and innovative blended learning experience, combining virtual and residential study. This includes a bespoke 'virtual campus' and interactive case studies based on real patient cases, to create a learning environment that directly addresses everyday NHS leadership challenges.

Professor Naomi Chambers, Director of NHS Leadership Academy Programmes at Alliance Manchester Business School commented: "Alliance Manchester Business School is proud to have played a leading role in constructing a remarkable consortium of healthcare policy and management academics, organisation development experts, and learning technology specialists to work on the development of NHS leadership. The programmes we have designed with the NHS Leadership Academy are ground breaking in scale, format, style, and impact."

Professor Judith Smith, Director of NHS Leadership Academy Programmes at the University of Birmingham added: "The University of Birmingham is delighted and honoured to have been part of the design, delivery and success of these innovative and much-needed leadership programmes.  Feedback from participants consistently points to the great value of these development opportunities for hard-pressed, committed and aspiring NHS leaders of diverse professional backgrounds.  To receive this award is testimony to the emormous amount of work put in by all in the KPMG-led consortium, and the thousands of programme participants." 

Evaluation by programme participants has been overwhelmingly positive, with a string of awards, and intense international interest.

Karen Lynas, Interim Managing Director, NHS Leadership Academy commented: "We're delighted to have won an Excellence in Practice award in recognition of our Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and Nye Bevan programmes. What's particularly heartening is the fact that this work really was a true collaboration between ourselves… and our consortium of partners, which included patients and their representatives. Participants are telling us the programmes are transforming the NHS' working culture, preparing it to meet huge new challenges. They play a critical role in giving them the confidence and ability to improve leadership culture and introduce new levels of professionalism and compassion."

Professor Eric Cornuel, CEO & Director General, EFMD said: "Once again the EIP awards have attracted outstanding cases from all over the world. This year's winners clearly show that L&D must be linked closely to organisational strategy, involve a partnership model in design and execution, measure and show impact and have a strong focus on the personal growth, values and behaviours of individuals taking part."

The team will collect their award and present details of the programmes during the EFMD Executive Development Conference which takes place on 12-14 October 2016 (Católica Porto Business School, Portugal).