Research briefings address key issues affecting former unaccompanied migrant children

The Becoming Adult team co-led by IRiS deputy director Dr Nando Sigona has launched six new research briefs. 

The briefs address some key issues affecting unaccompanied youth, including:

The briefs are all available in pdf on the Becoming Adult Resources page.

The Becoming Adult Project

The Becoming Adult project is a three-year ESRC-funded research project (ES/L009226/1) exploring the post 18 wellbeing outcomes of young people who migrated on their own to the UK as children from Afghanistan, Eritrea and Albania.  While the main focus of the research has been on young people who arrive in the UK, the policy implications are relevant to Europe and beyond.  Furthermore, the grant-linked studentship has enabled a comparative analysis of experiences of unaccompanied young people in the UK and Italy.

Details of the study

The study, a collaboration between UCL, University of Birmingham and the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford, comprises three key research components (i) how ideas about migration, futures, ‘becoming adult’ and wellbeing were conceptualised in different cultural media; (ii) unaccompanied young people’s lived experiences of becoming ‘adult’ after migrating on their own as children; and (iii) an analysis of related policies and interviews with policy stakeholders.  

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