'Unravelling Europe's 'Migration Crisis'

New book co-authored by IRiS Nando Sigona.

What is it like to travel to Europe over land and sea in order to secure a future for yourself and your family? Why are so many people willing to risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean? What are their hopes and fears? And why is Europe, one of the richest regions of the world, unable to cope?

Drawing on compelling first-hand accounts from 500 people who arrived on the shores of Europe in 2015, the book  unpacks their routes, experiences and decisions. The authors (Crawley, Duvell, Jones, McMahon and Sigona) provide a framework for understanding the dynamics underpinning recent unprecedented levels of migration across, and loss of life in, the Mediterranean, casting new light on the ‘migration crisis’ and challenging politicians, policy makers and the media to rethink their understanding of why and how people move.

The book is based on the ESRC-funded MEDMIG project,  a collaboration between a research team led by Professor Heaven (PI) Crawley at Coventry University, Dr Nando Sigona (CI) at the University of Birmingham and Dr Franck Duvell (CI) at the University of Oxford and international partners in Greece, Italy, Turkey and Malta.

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