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New funding for the NHS: what happens next?

Amid discussion about exactly how much the UK Government has increased NHS funding by and what it could be spent, Professor Judith Smith, Director of the Health Services Management Centre looks at what plans we can expect for an extra £20.5bn a year by 2023–24.

Turn it purple for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Outcomes for, and treatment of patients with pancreatic cancer, desperately require improvement. Marking Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, Hilary Brown (HSMC), Alistair Hewison (MDS) and Keith Roberts (UHB NHS Foundation Trust) consider elements of a multidisciplinary programme of research.

Budget 2018 and the NHS: the gauntlet has been thrown

Budget 2018

HSMC Director Professor Judith Smith in the Viewpoint: "However much the NHS needs this additional funding to ease profound current pressures, it now has to grasp the nettle of how it will change and modernise services to assure politicians and the public of its response to the challenge posed."

Your guide to Brexit: What is the UK facing?

It's less than six months until the UK's departure from the European Union. The party conferences have ended with the May Government clinging to a compromise "Chequers Plan" — but with the Prime Minister so embattled by hard Brexit-ers that she dare not mention it by name. Uncertainty prevails.

IRiS at the Community Sponsorship Awards 2018

community sponsorship awards

IRiS staff, Jenny Phillimore, Rachel Humphris and associate, Gemma Hennessey, were invited to attend the Community Sponsorship awards ceremony at The Royal Society in London on Tuesday 2nd October 2018.

CHASM at Labour and Conservative Conference Fringe Events 2018

CHASM at the Labour Party Conference event

At the Labour Party Conference CHASM hosted a fringe event bringing together policy makers and campaigners to discuss how we can win the campaign to end high cost credit. CHASM's Karen Rowlingson also featured at a fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference titled 'Can tech save savings?'.

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