Our projects

Current and recent research projects:

Family and Group Conferencing in adult social care and mental health: exploring how it works and what difference it can make in people's lives. (2022 - 2025) Principal Investigator Professor Jerry Tew. Co-investigator Phil Kinghorn. 

Centre for Care: Catherine Needham, Louise Overton, Chloe Alexander, Emily Burn, Maxine Watkins, Hayrunisa Pelge. 

New and emerging technology for adult social care: the example of home sensors with artificial intelligence technology. Co-investigators: Professor Jon Glasby, DrJenny BousfieldLucy HockingSarah Parkinson,  Dr Bridget Roe, Dr Denise Tanner. 

Understanding the Social Care Assessment Journey of Older LGBTQ+ People. Principal Investigator: Jason Schaub (University of Birmingham). Co-investigator: Liadh Timmins (University of Birmingham) 

Councillors and Care: Understanding and enhancing the role of councillors in shaping adult social care practice. (2021-2023) Principal Investigator: Catherine Needham (University of Birmingham). Co-investigator: Catherine Mangan (University of Birmingham). 

 Social Work with Older People. (2021 - 2023) Principal Investigator: Dr Denise Tanner, Associate Professor of Social Work. 

'Achieving closure' - improving outcomes when care homes close. (2021 - 2024) Principal Investigator: Professor Jon Glasby. 

Why are we stuck in hospital? Understanding service user, family and staff perspectives when transforming care for people with learning disabilities and/or autism (2021-2023) Co-Investigators: Professor Jon Glasby, Professor Robin Miller, Anne-Marie Glasby

Combining Asset and Strengths Based Innovations in adult social care (CASBI) (2019-2022). Professor Jerry Tew, University of Birmingham (Principal Investigator), Professor Robin Miller, University of Birmingham (Co-investigator), Dr Sandhya Duggal, University of Birmingham (Co-investigator), Dr Phil Kinghorn, University of Birmingham (Co-investigator) and Clenton Farquharson MBE, Chair of the Think Local Act Personal partnership board (PPI lead)

Avoidable Harm in Mental Health Social Care (2019-2021) Dr Sarah Carr, University of Birmingham (Principal Investigator) with Dr Angela Sweeney, St George’s University of London (Co-Investigator) and Tina Coldham, Independent Survivor Researcher, Wiltshire (Co-Investigator) 

Ethical issues in self-funded care: co-producing knowledge with older people, Denise Tanner with Dr. Lizzie Ward, University of Brighton and Professor Mo Ray, University of Lincoln. Funded by the Welcome Trust.

Understanding the Contribution of Social Enterprise to the Social Care Sector: An Exploratory Study. (2017 - 2021) Principal Investigator: Dr Kelly Hall. Co-investigators: Dr Philip Kinghorn, Dr Chloe Alexander, Kelly Hayward. 

The Sustainable Care Research Programme (2017 - 2021) Professor Sue Yeandle (University of Sheffield, Principal Investigator), Professor Jon Glasby, Professor Jenny Phillimore, Professor Catherine Needham, Dr Matthew Bennett, Dr Kelly Hall et al. 

Older People: care and self-funding experiences' (2017-2020) a research collaboration between Universities of Brighton, Birmingham and Lincoln, funded by Wellcome Trust. Principal Investigator: Denise Tanner   http://www.olderpeopleselffundingcare.com/

The contribution of the voluntary sector to mental health crisis care in England (2016-present)
Dr Karen Newbigging, Professor John Mohan, Dr Becky Ince, Dr James Rees, Alex Davis, Michael Ashman, Suzy Bourke and Doreen Joseph 

Shaping Care Markets (2016-2019)
Professor Catherine Needham (Principal investigator), Dr Kerry Allen, Dr Kelly Hall, Professor Jon Glasby, Professor Stephen McKay (University of Lincoln), Dr Ilias Goranitis, Dr Sarah Carr (University of Middlesex), Ms Isabelle Brant (Co-Investigator)

National evaluation of the Building the Right Support programme (2016-2019)
Dr Robin Miller (HSMC Lead); Fraser Battye (SU Lead), Aidan Moss and Paul Dolan (ICF Leads), Ben Higgins (BILD Lead)

Care Act: building social resources for people in the community (2016 - 2019)
Professor Jerry Tew (Principal Investigator), Professor Jon Glasby, Dr Robin Miller, Dr Karen Newbigging, Dr Denise Tanner, Dr Sandhya Duggal, Francesca Tomaselli, Dr Phillip Kinghorn, Dr Marco Ercolani, Dr Sarah Carr (University of Middlesex) and Clenton Farquharson (PPI lead).  

Chronic disease (integrated and holistic care) (2014-2019)

Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards – Implications for Practice, funded by NHS England and CWHHE CCG Collaborative (£225,000) Principal Investigator: Jason Schaub (2014-2017).

Clinical Research Group on Mental Wellbeing, Public Mental Health and Recovery.  National Institute of Health Research - Mental Health Research Network. £5k. with University of Warwick (2013-2014).  

Can whole family approaches contribute to the reablement of people with mental health difficulties? National Institute of Health Research - School for Social Care Research (£170k). (2011-2014)