Charlotte Brady

Polly put the kettle on, we’’ll all have tea: Exploration into the role of the Social Hub in combining social support with meaningful activity to alleviate mental distress, at the same time as challenging modernist misconceptions of “mental illness” and “recovery” using a social health context, and a postmodern and psychosocial lens?

Supervisor(s): Jerry Tew and Karen Newbigging

The Social Hub looks to social health to alleviate mental distress as a response to increasing evidence emerging that suggests an association between mental health and social factors. Embracing this interconnection between the social and the psychological, the social hub model looks to social support, meaningful activities and community development to solve what may have once been perceived as a purely psychological set of problems. Exploring how the model works in theory and practice, the researcher makes comparisons to other models in the mental health field at present; namely the biomedical model and the recovery model; identifying flaws in each and exploring postmodern ways of reconceptualising mental health which moves away from modernist assumptions of “mental illness”, “disability”, “treatment, and even “recovery”, all of which is suggested to hinder people’s chances of constructing healthy social identities beyond what is now seen as a combination of psychosocial suffering.

The postmodern lens proves particularly helpful here in encapsulating new ways of seeing validity, as well as choosing more suitable research designs and methods which challenge and may prove to reshape the trajectory of mental healthcare in the UK. Drawing particular attention to her unconventional relationship to the research, the researcher highlights how this agenda interplays with her role as founder and project manager of the Social Hub project, acknowledging and accepting her personal /political position and investment, justifying her position as a means to accessing a realm that other “outside” researchers would struggle to achieve, helping to shed light on under-researched and under-valued areas such as the impact of meaningful activities on mental health, which may otherwise be neglected in this largely psychologically biased field.


  • MA in Social and Cultural Theory (Staffordshire University)
  • First BA with Honours in Cultural Studies (Staffordshire University)

Research interests

  • The merging of Social Health and Mental Health (The Psychosocial)
  • Social Engagement and Community Participation
  • Postmodern Perceptions of “Mental illness”, “Disability” and “Recovery”
  • Liminality and Mental health
  • Social Space Reconfigured

Teaching responsibilities

Teaching primarily as part of my role as Social Hub Lead including:

  • Peer Mentor Training Level 1
  • Supporting People in Recovery OCN Level 2


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