Caroline Greenhalgh

‘Seeing is believing’  How do High Net Worth Individuals utilise evidence to inform their philanthropy? 

The charity sector is facing huge challenges as it deals with an economic climate that puts its income under pressure whilst facing increasing demands to deliver results to vulnerable people. In light of the increasingly competitive funding environment, the rise in donations by HNWDs is, therefore, both significant (in 2013/14 individual donations amounted to £7.2 billion, almost half of which emanated from just 7% of donors - NCVO 2016 -) and of particular interest to charities.  Consequently, the way in which the wealthy practice philanthropy and how they utilise evidence in their decision making is a key question which needs to be explored so that the findings  of such research can be disseminated to charities to better enable them to develop and manage their relationships with such donors in order to access their financial support.