Tracey Davanna

Attitudes and identities of Muslim ex-prisoners


Professor Basia Spalek and Dr Surinder Guru

Research overview

This research seeks to explore the identities of young Muslim ex-prisoners and their experiences upon leaving prison. There is a comparative edge to the research in interviewing both Scottish and English ex-prisoners, although predominantly it is concerned with the shared issues they face. For example, it seeks to examine the labels they have to negotiate, from that of ex-prisoner to that of Muslim ex-prisoner within the contextual discourse of ‘them’ verses ‘us’ that has emerged most notably since The Satanic Verses backlash. Given the voices of individual Muslims have often been muted or simply ignored, this research is designed to position them at its centre and to hear their concerns.


'We've worn the t-shirt' The role of connectors within youth criminal justice. Kingston University, Centre for Research in Communities, Identities and Crime - International Symposium, October 22 2014, sponsored by the AHRC.