Simon Haworth

Development of a child neglect measurement tool

Supervisors: Paul Montgomery & Jason Schaub 

This project is focussed on measuring child neglect within social work. It will aim to inform practice and decision-making, and support practitioners and services to recognise and address neglect. It will support those working with families to respond to neglect with greater knowledge and confidence, and develop inclusive thinking around the impacts of wider factors such as poverty and culture.

The methodology incorporates two main phases. Phase one will conduct and publish a systematic literature review of all national and international secondary measures of child neglect, co-produced with Birmingham Children’s Trust. 

Phase two builds on this review by taking the best aspects of the measures available and combining knowledge from practitioners and users to develop a short, accessible, simple tool to support more focused, evidence-based and informed assessments in child neglect. Advisory and focus groups to support this work have already been established.

This phase begins with qualitative interviews and focus groups with practitioners and service users to better understand what is needed in a new measurement tool. Their views will be used to build upon the review evidence to co-produce a tool that is meaningful for front-line practice. 

A Delphi study will then be undertaken with practitioners, academics and service users, using a series of surveys seeking consensus to develop the draft tool. Following this, the tool will be pilot tested in practice in partnership with Birmingham Children’s Trust. 


Simon is a lecturer within the Department of Social Work and Social Care at the University of Birmingham. Simon leads on several undergraduate modules, teaches on programmes ranging from undergraduate to post qualifying levels and plays a pivotal role in the West Midlands Teaching Partnership. Simon is undertaking a PhD, focussed on the measurement of child neglect and is involved with a variety of research projects. This includes on leadership in social work, fatherhood and homelessness amongst LGBTQ young people. These projects have led to a number of peer-reviewed journal articles.

Prior to Simon's journey into the academic field, he gained a wealth of experience in frontline statutory children and families social work practice. In frontline practice, Simon specialised in a number of key areas including the legal journey of the child, neglect and a variety of specialist assessments such as parenting and sibling assessments.


  • BA, Ruskin Oxford
  • MA University of Birmingham  

Research interests

  • Child neglect
  • Child protection
  • Fathers and social work
  • Leadership in social work
  • Evidence based practice

Professional memberships

  • Social Work England
  • Higher Education Academy 

Teaching responsibilities

Lecturer within the Department of Social Work & Social Care and teaches on a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 

Conference papers

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Contact Details


Twitter: @Sihaworth