Mohammed Ibrar Hussain

The role and experience of frontline staff in integrated care

Supervisors: Professor Robin Miller and Professor Catherine Needham

Mohammed's research focusses on the role and experiences of those care and support staff at the frontline of Mohammed Ibrar Hussainintermediary integrated care services.  Those individuals who provide the day to day care and support to vulnerable, high risk groups such as mental health patients. 

Mohammed's research focusses on the aspect of integrated care. Integrated care is a worldwide trend in health care reforms focusing on integrated and coordinated care. Integrated care has been discussed for many decades but scarcely operationalised. 

Both the major political parties advocated for a shift towards integrated care services in their last manifestos which signals the intent to implement this new way of working on a widespread basis. 

Mohammed is looking to do a Case study of an Integrated Care service in its pilot phase in order to understand the role and experience of those frontline staff in Intermediary Mental health services. By highlighting the role of these staff, this research aims to provide another perspective in Integrated Care.


  • BA International Relations University of Birmingham 2010
  • MSC International Conflict, Security and Development University of Birmingham 2013

Research Interests

  • Frontline staff
  • Integrated Care
  • Health and Social Care
  • Local Authority Commissioning (Commissioning, Tenders, Demobilisation, Local Authority reform)
  • International Development (Conflict, Security and Development)
  • Good Governance
  • Politics
  • Equality and Justice


Mohammed is an enthusiastic, passionate and hardworking individual who always strives to develop. He has developed a passion to help others from his time as a youth worker in the poorest constituency in the country, through to the various roles in health and social care and through my time in management. 

Mohammed believes he has a good blend of academic background coupled with practical experience in a variety of settings.

Mohammed has worked in Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Autism and homeless services across the country which allowed me to experience how different local authorities operate and this helped me to adopt good practice which he found across the various services he managed. My research aims to develop and advance practice in Social Care in England which fits in with his ethos of trying to make things better.

Contact details


Twitter: @ibrarhussain23