Ki-tae Kim, Doctoral researcher

The relationship between income inequality, welfare regimes and aggregate health

Supervisor:  Martin Powell and Iestyn Williams

My research interest is welfare regime (especially those of British, East Asia and Nordic Model), welfare mix, determinants of aggregate health and health inequalities and broadly welfare States, medical system (especially NHS and other nation’s systems). My method is quantitative and I use R as a preferred program.


  • Newspaper Reporter in Korea
  • Economy, Politics, Culture Departments in 'The Korea Times' (2001-2006)
  • Economy, City, Culture, Weekly Magazine Departments in 'Hankyoreh' (2006-2012)


  • Seoul National University, Seoul, BA 1998 Social Welfare
  • University of Seoul, Seoul, MD 2012 Social Welfare

Research interests

Welfare regime, income inequality, aggregate health, welfare mix, East Asia, Scandinavian welfare

Conference papers

Kim, K.-t. (2013) Not Just A Puzzle, But Dual Puzzles on Cross-national Health Studies, Social Policy Association Annual Conference, Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Kim, K.-t. (2014) Exportation of the Welfare Modelling Business?, Social Policy Association Annual Conference, Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Kim, K.-t. (2014) Digesting the smorgasbord of systematic reviews on the Scandinavian puzzles?, Health Policy and Politics Network Event in Keele, United Kingdom


Powell, M. and Kim, K.-t. (2014) The ‘Chameleon’ Korean Welfare Regime, Social Policy & Administration, 48 (6), 626-646.

Kim, K.-t. (2014) From Worlds to Cases: Case Selection and ‘Other Worlds’ in the Welfare Modelling Business. part of Special Issue of Social Policy and Society, 14(2), 309-321.

Kim, K.-t. (submitted) Systematic Review on the Relationships between Income Inequality, Welfare Regimes and Aggregate Health, International Journal of Epidemiology.

Kim, K.-t. (submitted) Does the Scandinavian Welfare Regime Succeed in Enhancing Aggregate Health?: Introducing the Dual Scandinavian Puzzles and the East Asian Puzzle, European Journal of Public Health.

Kim, K.-t. & Baek, S. (submitted) Retesting the Wilkinson Hypothesis: Pooled Time-series Cross-Section Regression on 26 OECD Nations, Sociology of Health & Illness.